Togura Elementary School

School system of Japan begins from april and ends in march.

Togura elementary school also was starting school year with beautiful cherry blossom as others like this picture before tsunami.
It was established in 1874.

Togura area was disastered by Tsunami of 9 years ago.
There were 2 schools, elementary school and junior high school.
It was happen a miracle in the elementary school situated almost sea level on that day of 11 march 2011.
Kataribe guide shows the location where Togura elementary school was before tsunami.

All the kids and teachers of the Togura elementary school were survived, thanks to the practice against tsunami alert of 2 days before and the drill of evacuation just day before quake 10 march, then the decision and instruction of shool master who was flexible.

They had spent one night anxious and freezing near the shinto shrine in the hill side without foods, drinks and informations.

This is new school building open in october 2015. 

However due to the Corona virus, the classroom is closed unfortunately, but we hope to see the kids as normal as soon as possible.


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