Nikka Whiskey


Nikka Whiskey was started its production of whiskey in 1940 by Mr. Taketsuru Masataka using the Scottish technology and the nature of Hokkaido.

He has married a Scotswoman Rita, then he was involved completely in the production of Scottish Whiskey. They were featured in NHK morning drama series.

After the success of Yoichi distillery in Hokkaido, he has established Miyagikyo distillery in a mountain side of Sendai along the clean Nikkawa river.
This is the gate to enter.

Sign board at the entrance.

Distillation equipments.

Kiln Tower for heat treatment, beautiful shape.

Tour guide invites you for tasting.

The guided tour is well organized to know the history and technology.

Scottish Bar? Good atmosphere.

Try the quality of Japanese whiskey without compromise.
Definitelly excellent.
Only 100 min. drive from Minamisanriku to Nikka Miyagikyo Distillery.
But, please do not drive after drink.

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