Sempoku Railways

Sempoku Railways were oparating as Toyoma Line between Semine Station in Kurihara and Toyoma Station in Tome 28km of distance, then Tsukidate Line between Semine Station and Tsukidate Station in Kurihara 12km long as light rails from 1921 until 1968 for 47 years.

It was running rhythmically in the rice field.

Semine Station, Sempoku railways start from here.
It was convenient to connect to Tokyo Ueno Station from here.

School girl just graduated, near Nishigo Station.

Sanuma Station in August 1964, 2 months before Tokyo Olympic Games.

They have tried to operate from Maiya to Shizugawa, but it was not authorized.
Switch Back system at Maiya Station, to go up the hill.

Former Toyoma Station, replaced by bus.

Traditional passenger cars.

Sometimes bus replaced train.

Commuter pass.

Unfortunately we can not see this train now, but you may watch movie at Tome City History Museum.
Only half an hour drive from Shizugawa.

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