Okawa Elementary School

It was another horrible tragedy happened in Miyagi at Great East Japan Earthquake and consective Tsunami.
This is Okawa Elementary School. 74 kids among 78 and 10 teachers was dead at this school unfortunately.

Tsunami was gone upstream on Kitakami River, the 4th biggest river in Japan. The school is located 5km far from the river mouth or the Pacific Ocean, but just after 50 minutes from the quake, the tsunami has covered the school completely.

After the Tsunami, Japanese military has gone to check the situation and to look for the bodies or things left behind.

Visitors come everyday from different parts of Japan to this holy place to pray for the small victims.

Aerial view, before tsunami, of Okawa Elementary School and Kitakami River.

Kids could escape to the mountain just behind of the school. However teachers have instructed to stay in the school ground.  Bereaved families are taking municipality and prefecture to the court.

Clock shows the time of tragedy.

You can go to pray from Minami Sanriku, only half an hour to Okawa Elementary School.


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