Cartoonist from Australia

Last week one visitor from Australia has checked in the hotel.

He has come by Sendai Free shuttle bus to the hotel.

He is travelling slowly like snail.

His origin is a small island of Southern Italy, that’s why he may be fallen in love with Areshima.

He is alone, but he likes very happy, because his wife has given his air tickets from Melbourne to Japan for his birthday.

He says it is the second time to come to Minamisanriku.

He loves Areshima Island on Shizugawa Bay.

This island is a sacred place for fishermen, however it is always damaged by Tsunami in the past but restored by the people.

Just in front of Areshima, a beach “Sun Ole Sodehama” will be open from the middle of July for marine activities.

He has drawn Hotel Kanyo too.

Lovely seagull.

He is planning to make “Kamishibai” picture story show of his trip in Japan.

I hope to see him again.


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