School Graduation Ceremony

Graduation ceremony of school is very typical in Japan and it is to certify and to celebrate the end of education of each school for the students.

The modern Japanese school system was started in 1872 almost 150 years ago when the Meiji government had decided to educate kids as European states and to level up the power of the country.

School year starts from April and ends in March in Japan same as the fiscal year.

Graduation Ceremony at Shizugawa Senior High School

Shizugawa Junior High School

Shizugawa Elementary School

Same kind of ceremony held at nurses’ school in Thailand.

U.S. Marines at the end of school.

Graduation ceremony at Japanese school in Singapore.

Procedure of graduation ceremony starts from the performance of blass band to welcome graduates  followed by singing of the national anthem.

Then, after several greetings by VIPs, graduates receive certificate from the school master.

One of enrolling students reads valedictory message to graduate students then one graduate reply to them.

Graduates leave school singing a song of farewell “Auld Lang Syne”.

It is very emotional for all, you may try to join the ceremony with permission.


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