Octopus in Shizugawa Bay

Do you know the octopus is an important fishery products in Shizugawa bay?

The biggest unloading country of octopus is the China, but they don’t have the tradition to eat them so the majority is exported from China to Japan.

The second biggest area is Morocco and Mauritania of Africa, they are catching octopus with a method instructed by Japan.

Shizugawa bay is one of the most important place noted of octopus together with Akashi near Kobe of Hyogo prefecture.

Takoyaki, it is now exported frozen and enjoyable worldwide.

Beautiful golden Shizugawa bay.

Boat cruise with seagulls.

“Octopus-kun”, a kawaii image character of Minami Sanriku.

Minami Sanriku Hotek Kanyo, just in front of Shizugawa bay.

Diving into Shizugawa bay.

Octopus eats expensive sea urchin

Shabu-Shabu Octopus offered by Hotel Kanyo, with local fresh vegetables.

Why don’t you come to try octopus of Shizugawa bay? Only 2 hours from Sendai.


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