Swan Lake

Lake Izunuma is located between Tome City and Kurihara City of the northern Miyagi. It is only 1.4m depth.

You may observe throughout the year migratory birds such as geese and swan around the Lake Izunuma.

The lake is registered as a national treasure to protect waterbird in 1967 and signed to the Ramsar Convention together with neighboring Lake Uchinuma in 1985 as the second location of Japan.

Swan breeds in Siberia, but spends winter season in warm region as Japan.
Swan is the heaviest flying bird of the world.

Swan looks modest and quiet, but he attacks to us especially during the breeding season.
We say “Hakucho” in Japanese which means “White Bird”, but you may find black swan also.

Izunuma Sanctuary Center is open for the public except monday to observe not only swan but also the nature of the area.

Only 50 minutes drive from Hotel Kanyo.


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