Moku Moku Land

Moku Moku Land, Feel green and smell wood.

This is a relaxing theme park of Japanese cedar. Place for drivers.

“Moku Moku” means “Wood Wood” and “growing”.

Craft shop “Moku Moku House” offers various hand crafted wooden items made by professionals. You may try to make small items by yourself with their assistance.

Moku Moku craft school is on demand of group more than 10 persons.   

It is sold very fresh vegetables and fruits also.

It is equipped with restaurant of local food “Aburafu-don” fried tofu bowl.

After lunch, you and your kids or dog can spend time with wooden playground equipment.

“Moku Moku winter light up” fascinates from early December to early January, from 4pm to midnight.

It is located along the national road no.45.
Only 15 minutes from Hotel Kanyo.
Minamisanriku Hotel Kanyo offers free shuttle service to Sendai via Moku Moku Land and Tome Meiji Village.

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