Road Station “Jobon no Sato”

Congratulations for 12 years anniversary!

The road station “Jobon no Sato” was open on the national route No.45 for development and employment of local area exchanging people between big city and rural town.

The wooden made station looks harbor on the Kitakami river as the place to be relaxed.

It was awarded the 3rd Gran Prix of Tohoku Road Station in 2016.

It is equipped with onsen hot spring bath, Hutago no Yu (Gemini’s hot water).

Restaurant also available for self-service and a’-la-carte menu with local ingredients.

Seri Soba, parsley soba.

Mount Jobon-san is 465m high in the north east of Ishinomaki downtown with hikers’ trail of 20km long.

The farm is good location to look down the Kitakami river.

“Jobon” means high class Buddhist monk.

30 minutes drive from hotel kanyo to the road station “Jonon no Sato”.


















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