Rias Arc Museum of Art

Rias Ark Museum of Art shows various items such as local cultures, historical displays of Tohoku and Hokkaido regions.

Displays of local cultures of fishermen.

Tsunami also is an important part of the region from the historical point of view, therefore they have mission to record the disaster and hand over them to the next generation.

History of tsunami displayed by photos.

Time of Grate East Japan Earthquake, stop the supply of electricity.

Tsunami of Meiji Sanriku Earthquake in 1896, more than 20,000 victims.

Clock stop at the time of the first tsunami.

Grate East Japan Earthquake is not finished, but it continues with many questions.   The displays of tsunami at Rias Arc Museum of Art are very interesting and precious in order not to fade out our memories.

Important records of disaster

Just 1 hour drive from Hotel Kanyo to the museum.

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