Iwaisaki Cape

Iwaisaki Cape is located 10km south of Kesennuma city at the mouth of Kesennuma bay and 20km north of Hotel Kanyo.

It is a natural treasure of Miyagi with its rocks of limestone and splash of water created by high-tide.

It is 500 m long between lighthouse and view point with black pine trees.

The splash of water can be 10 m high under the windy condition.

It was a difficult point for boats called “Cape Hell” some hundreds years ago.

It is possible to observe fossils of 200-300 million years ago on the surface of marble stone.

Statue of Sumo 9th Yokozuna Champion “Hidenoyama”

“Dragon Pine”, remnant of tsunami of 6 years ago

And sun set

Less than 1 hour from Hotel Kanyo for your day trip.


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