Genbikei Gorge

The clean water of Genbikei Gorge comes from Mt. Kurikomayama. It is 2km long the gorge and appointed as a natural treasure of Japan in 1927.

Please do not confuse with Geibikei which is similar name and located in same Iwate.

It was loved by Lord Date Masamune 400 years ago and visited also by Meiji Emperor in 1877. It is closed to Hiraizumi UNESCO world heritage.

However, there is another attraction in Genbikei, “Sliding Dumpling” or “Flying Dumpling”.

To order dumpling, just leave the money in the basket and knock the board. The owner of the tea shop of opposite side of the gorge pull the basket and return you the dumpling sliding the cable. It is served with green tea.

Your waiting time is only 1 minute for this Japanese fast food.
1 hour 20 minutes drive from Hotel Kanyo.


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