Geibikei Gorge

It is a scenic gorge spot selected by the State, located in Iwate, north of Miyagi, 2km long x 50m deep, surrounded by strange shapes of limestone.

Tourists can take boats paddled by hands to go up and down the river with local folk songs sang by paddler.

You can enjoy young leaves or wisteria from spring to summer, red leaves in autumn, white snow and “Kotatsu Bune” foot warmed boat in winter time.

Please do not confuse with “Genbikei” which is different but similar named gorge in same Iwate.

In winter, boat transformed to warmed “Kotatsu Bune”.

Cliff of limestone.

Under the young fresh green leaves.

Paddler sings folk songs.

Dragon Rail of JR Ohunato Line.

Rail Station of Geibikei.

Minnow, “ayu” sweetfish and geese.

Colorful autumn red leaves reflected on the river.

Now they have open Prayers’ room for Muslim.

Halal food

80 min. drive from Hotel Kanyo, all seasons enjoyable.

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