Sant Juan Bautista Museum

Keichou Mission to Europe was departed 400 years ago to see the King of Ispania and the Pope of the Vatican via Nova Ispania (Mexico) to create import-export by Sendai Domain allowing diffusion of Catholicism in the region.

Sebastian Vizcaino, an explorer and trader.

Hasekura Tsunenaga was appointed to be the leader of the delegation with Luis Sotelo, a missionary, by a European sailer “Sant Juan Bautista” constructed in Sendai.

Hasekura Tsunenaga or “Don Filippo Francisco”.

Luis Sotelo, a Spanish missionary, diffused Catholicism in Tohoku

It was successful to meet King Felipe III and Pope Paolo V and returned to Sendai after 7 years later.

Sailer Sant Juan Bautista, replica

The museum shows the history of this difficult delegation.


Cannon for defence.

Slant deck.

Just 1 hour drive to Sant Juan Bautista Museum from Minami Sanriku.
Explore the history of 400 years ago.

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