Ishinomaki Mangattan Museum

Japanese Manga is now followed very much by foreigners of the world.

Ishinomori Shotaro, one of the famous manga writer, was born in Tome City of Miyagi, and he has spent young age in Ishinomaki city.

He has written “Cyborg 009”, “Masked Rider”, “Robot Man Kikaidar”, “Ninja Sabu and Ichi” and more, of course those were best sellers.

Manfa Island of Ishinomaki looks like Manhattan island of New York, therefore we say “Mangattan” in stead of “Manhattan”.

Why don’t you come to this Manga world of Ishinomori?

006 in the street.

005 and 001.

Space Station? No, this is Ishinomaki Mangattan Museum.

Rail Station of Ishinomaki.

They are waiting for you.

Trains designed with Manga.

It is only 40 minutes from Hotel Kanyo to Ishinomaki.
Loving Japanese Manga.

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