St. Valentine’s Day

Tomorrow will be the St. Valentine’s Day for Christians.
The day to confess love with roses.

However, it is also for Japaneses regardless of religions.
If you love Japan, you may know, but it is the day to confess love from the women to men by giving chocolates. We can say it is “Japanese St.Valentine’s Day”.

It might be an idea of Russian descendant chocolates producer of Kobe “Morozoff” in 1936, 80 years ago, to promote sales of chocolates as a symbol of sweet love in Japan.

It is expanded in Japan so far and it is exported recently “Japanese St.Valentine’s Day” to Europe also.

In Minami Sanriku there is a good pastry chef Kuriko san, you may try hand made sweets of Japanese quality.

Enjoy Happy St.Valentine’s Day!

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